Quality Control & Assurance

During and after development of our Unique BeezZ raw honey drink formulas, the formulas underwent independent intensive laboratory studies/tests. Among others, these tests involved a quality analysis of ingredients, quality tests of final products, shelf life tests, drop tests, internal pressure tests, loss of carbonation tests, etc.

Before, during and after manufacturing, we conduct quality control & assurance tests to assure the BeezZ honey drinks are manufactured, filled and packed according to our established high quality standards. These tests are done to ensure all filled BeezZ raw honey drinks meet our quality assurance standards.

BeezZ has also conducted other independent laboratory studies for example in Bonn, Germany. In this laboratory we have completed a variety of tests with our aluminium 330ml sleek cans featuring our reclosable ends.

Our sustainable packaging filled with our Organic honey drinks was intensively studied and tested for many months to ensure the safety, stability and quality of our unique organic BeezZ drinks.

Independent laboratories

Together with reputable independent laboratories, we have established high-quality control and high-quality assurance procedures & standards to ensure a well-controlled process from beginning to end. We only start manufacturing our unique raw honey drinks after each batch of high-quality raw honeys and ingredients has been checked for cleanness, purity, appropriate colour, taste, texture and composition, absence of foreign sugars, etc.

Only after all our organic ingredients, packaging, etc. have been checked, controlled and approved do we start using them in the multiple certified filling operation.

All our organic raw honeys, organic natural ingredients, packaging and final manufactured drinks undergo (a triple) quality check & quality assurance process before, during and after manufacturing.

We assure our global BeezZ consumers that our unique organic BeezZ honey drinks are high quality: each drink, each flavour.

"BeezZ" filling operation have the following certifications.