Have you ever tasted coffee like this?

These special, blended ingredients and processes have created a range of coffees, and a taste that we don’t believe you have ever tasted before
- when coffee becomes something more.


Exclusive Partnership between BeezZ & SAS Coffee

The exclusive coffee partnership between BeezZ and SAS Coffee has created a very special range of unique Organic Honey Cold Brew nitro infused coffees.

Together, after intensive research and development, both companies have created smooth, full flavoured, frothy Organic Honey Cold Brew nitro infused coffees by using top quality organic Arabica coffee mix, a blend of three high quality organic honeys and top quality natural ingredients.


Our organic coffee beans

These high quality, organic coffee beans are grown under specific certification protocols for sustainability and natural growing practices. No pesticides are ever used on the plants, and they are watered by nature alone.

The coffee beans, when ripe, are hand-picked then sorted and wet-processed before drying. This way the natural flavors and nutrients are preserved while cleaning the beans from the fruit, preventing mould and bitterness.

This process is controlled and checked carefully until we are confident that the highest quality beans are shipped for roasting in our SAS Coffee plant in Belgium.

This process starts with additional quality checks and, after approval, a sample is sent to an independent laboratory where it is double-checked to ensure the beans are free from pesticides.

After final approval the batch is released by the Master Coffee Roaster, and we start roasting the coffee mix at our SAS Coffee Roasting facility. We carefully control the roasting process in order to ensure the highest standards are achieved in these delicate coffee formulas.

Why this Packaging

Nitrogen widget

Opening this beverage can releases the nitrogen widget, flooding your Cold Brew Coffee with thousands of bubbles, creating a draught-style frothy coffee that is full-bodied, silky smooth and refreshing. Open the can and pour Cold Brew Coffee quickly, from a height if you dare, into your glass……. or drink directly from the can.

But watch out for that frothy top lip!

Real Brewed Coffee

Unique process resulting in extraordinary coffee

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