Wondering about BeezZ?

What is BeezZ?

BeezZ is a low-calorie organic honey drink made using only organic natural ingredients!! No additives, no man-made sugar, no GMOs, no salt, no sweeteners, no gluten.

Yes, BeezZ Drinks are "low in calories" according to European Union (EU) Regulation 1924/2006, lastly amended by Regulation (EU No. 1047/2012). Their energy value per 100ml is only 19 kcal/80 kJ.
All the ingredients in BeezZ drinks are organic & natural. Honey contains several sugars made by bees. This means the fructose and glucose molecules are separated (which is not the case for beet, cane and other sugars). In addition, the Glycemic Index for honey is lower, so consumers’ blood sugar levels will only increase gradually, which is not the case with sucrose, for example.
Honey has additional benefits. Many people use it in tea, and honey has been used by many people for thousands of years. It is one of the oldest natural food/drink ingredients.

BeezZ drinks are unique because they do not currently exist anywhere in the world. They are a low-calorie, unique mix of 3 organic high-quality honeys with the right composition, and right mix of organic, natural ingredients from around the world. At the same time, BeezZ consumers are supporting nature via BeezZ Foundation because part of the turnover goes directly to projects that support nature.


We only use high-quality and approved organic honey which has been intensively tested by an independent laboratory to ensure it meets all the required quality standards set by us, the laboratory, EU Organic organisation and EU regulations. We guarantee all our honeys are top quality, clean, pure, have the appropriate smell and the right texture.

The honey will only be used for manufacturing our high-quality drinks after lab tests have been conducted, test reports have been submitted and final approval has been obtained by all parties. BeezZ works with a special mix of 3-4 different types of honey. The laboratory conducts intensive analyses of our honeys for such aspects as: pesticides, foreign sugars, HMF values, diseases, colour, texture, composition, percentages of fructose-glucose and other sugars, etc. The laboratory is the most experienced and largest honey lab in the world.

We guarantee that our unique mix of organic raw honeys we use for manufacturing our BeezZ drinks is of high and pure quality!

Cold Brew Coffee

Honey is less likely to cause rapid spikes and drops in your blood sugar levels that increase hunger. It also contains vitamins and minerals, including magnesium, potassium, calcium, iron, sulphur, copper, iodine, zinc, phosphate, vitamin A, Vitamin C and various B vitamins.

Besides, honey is an antioxidant and acts as an antifungal and antibacterial agent. It may also help control digestive issues control like diarrhea, indigestion and stomach ulcers. Post-infectious cough, or PPC is a cough that can be around for weeks after an upper-respiratory infection or common cold. 

Putting honey in coffee could be more effective at treating certain coughs than other treatments.

A regular cup of coffee starts with hot water (between 195°-205°F/between 90°-96°C) and coffee grounds. The water dissolves oils, acids, and other compounds out of the grounds, giving coffee its familiar acidity and eye-opening aroma.

However hot water also degrades acids, creating coffee’s bitter notes. Due to the absence of hot water in the BeezZ Cold Brew Coffee process the oils, acids and other compounds dissolve much more slowly. Also the acids are not degraded, making for a much smoother beverage, with less bitterness.

BeezZ Organic Honey Cold Brew Nitro Infused Coffees are smooth, frothy, well balanced, natural and full-tasting Coffees.

New products

Yes, we are currently working on another new product Organic Product group which we expect will be ready next year.
This group will also be Organic and Low in Calories, and again a unique product group.

We also have a basket of new unique organic drink concepts. Our aim is to introduce a new unique BeezZ drink each year.

Nutritional facts

Yes, all BeezZ ingredients and special honeys undergo an independent intensive laboratory analysis to ensure they are pure, clean, have the correct colour, texture, etc.

There are two shelf lives for BeezZ drinks, the first for unopened and the second for opened containers:

  1. Unopened: the shelf life is minimum 16 months.
  2. Opened: when stored in a cool place, only 1 or, at most, 2 days. The reason for this limited time relates to the following: when the consumer opens the reclosable end, he will drink via de reclosable opening. When sipping the drink, bacteria from his mouth will enter the contents of the can.

We are therefore obliged (under EU regulations) to limit the shelf life: "after opening, store in a cool place and consume within 1-2 days”.

Partly because honey is sweeter than any other “natural” sweetener, which means we need less honey compared to the vast majority of drink developers/manufacturers. In addition, we use organic natural ingredients which are better and tastier than non-organic alternatives. Thanks to these different, organic, natural ingredients, we have been able to develop our unique low-calorie BeezZ Drinks.

Nitrogen Widget

Dinitrogen forms approximately 78% of the Earth’s atmosphere making it the most abundant uncombined element. Nitrogen occurs in all organisms and the human body contains approximately 3% nitrogen by mass.

This is the fourth most abundant element in the body after oxygen, carbon and hydrogen. In the Earth’s atmosphere, the volume dry air contains 78.09% nitrogen, 20.95% Oxygen, 0.93% Argon and 0.04% Carbon Dioxide.

BeezZ Cold Brew Nitrogen Infused Coffees contain nitrogen that already occurs in nature and causes absolutely no damage to human health or the environment.


BeezZ Foundation is a non-profit organisation focused on nature projects. BeezZ Foundation works together with local nature foundations in countries where BeezZ drinks are sold.

The cooperation with, and amount of donations BeezZ Foundation makes to these local nature foundations depends on the level of sales in each country. BeezZ Foundation only supports nature projects. We must join together and act now before it is too late for our future generations!

BeezZ Foundation supports only nature-related projects. Each project is evaluated, discussed, agreed and approved with reputable, recognised local nature foundations only.

BeezZ donates and supports nature projects only when such projects are clear and transparent.
This involves aspects like timelines, goals, targets, numbers of people involved, desired objective, how this objective can be accomplished, cost overviews, spending overviews and so on.

BeezZ wants to do the right thing. We have no intention of throwing money away on huge overheads! We want to be sure that the money BeezZ Foundation donates will be used and spent in a correct and transparent way for nature projects only!


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그 유일한 방법은 행동으로 실천하는 것입니다!

모든 BeezZ 음료는 자연에서 얻은 독특한 유기농 제품으로 최고의 품질을 보장합니다!!