Why recycle?

Recycling is one of the best ways for you to have a positive impact on the world in which we live.

We at BeezZ believe that you, our customers, want more than just great tasting and healthy products – you also want to know that your impact on the environment is constantly minimised, and this is particularly relevant when it comes to packaging.

Recycled Aluminium

1. The primary function of packaging is to protect and preserve.
BeezZ products contain wonderfully unique and delicate flavours, created by our friendly bees, and these can be affected by product permeability and light ingress. Metal packaging is the only mainstream packaging material that is totally non-permeable and completely excludes light – thus ensuring the quality of the product through its shelf life.

2. We stipulated that our packaging must be totally recyclable and compliant with the principals of the “Circular Economy” on recycling and reuse.
Metal is a “Permanent Material”, which means that it cannot be destroyed and whenever it is remelted it reverts back to its original nature again and again and again without any loss of quality or performance. This is the perfect material to recycle in a material-to-material loop as many times as desired!

Reclosable End

With plastic bottles under environmental pressure, we believe there is room in the market for environmentally friendlier reclosable cans. By using the reclosable can, consumers can drink our BeezZ creations until the last drop without the need to waste any product (note: keep in mind our shelf life and cooling recommendations after opening).

The plastic reclosable end does not compromise the recyclability of the packaging, which can still be processed by the Metal Recycling plants where it is either removed or treated in line with current high environmental standards.

Bisphenol Free Lacquers

BeezZ uses more expensive Bisphenol A (BPA) free inside lacquers because we believe we should not make any concessions when it comes to protecting the health of our BeezZ drinkers.

Water Based Ink & Compound

We print the can bodies with water-based inks and we use water-based compounds between the top can body and the closure/end. Using water-based compounds is both product and environmentally friendlier.

Carton Tray

With every carton you recycle, you're helping keep our environment greener. BeezZ uses carton trays made from recovered, recycled paper. Using recycled carton trays helps us save and spare our planet’s precious natural resources. One metric ton of paper made from recycled fibres instead of virgin fibres conserves 26,000 litres (approx. 7,000 gallons) of water, 17-31 trees, 4,000 KWh of electricity, 20,000 litres of air causing and 27 kg of air pollutants.


Shrink wrap is commonly used as an overwrap on carton trays with beverage cans and pallet loads. BeezZ is looking into new product developments to find a way to replace non-biodegradable shrink wrap with a biodegradable alternative. We sincerely hope we can replace the existing shrink wrap with environmental friendlier alternatives over time.

How can you help?

We ask that you help BeezZ to achieve even better environmental practices and higher recycling rates by ensuring that after you have enjoyed this product, you deposit your container in the recycling bin. This SMALL gesture makes such a BIG difference.

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